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"Isolated thoughts" 

The Maldives project

Imagine being on a very small island, surrounded by nothing but the vast ocean. This painting series captures the essence of isolation and introspection that comes with being alone in nature.


Tejfel uses payne's grey, dark raw earth tones and black hues. The ocean water that he uses for painting, and the waves, becomes a metaphor for letting things' go. The dark shades symbolise the depths of our minds, sand and coral rubble the ever-changing, sometimes uplifting, sometimes oppressive nature of our thoughts. Each stroke on the canvas tells a unique story, capturing the essence of being alone in nature's embrace. The result is a series that speaks volumes about introspection, self-discovery, and finding meaning in solitude. Through these, Tejfel invites us to delve into our own thoughts and explore what lies beneath. It reminds us that sometimes we need to be alone to find our deepest connection with ourselves.


All of these paintings were created in the Maldives using sand, coral rubble, ocean water and acrylic paint. The final touches and collage was done in Tejfel's studio in Hungary.

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